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Our Custom Software Development service allows us to create a solution that meets your business needs and requirements. 

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Serialization & Aggregation

In pharmaceutical industry, Serialization and Aggregation are essential to ensure safety and authenticity of medicines, as well as meeting regulatory requirements from BPOM.


Serialization involves adding a unique identifier to each product at individual pack level, from production to distribution. These individual pack level products are packed in cases and then multiple cases are packed on pallets.


An Aggregation solution adds codes to the outside of cases and pallets to identify the individual pack-level products inside. This makes it possible to find out what is inside a case or pallet by scanning the code on the outside.


In the current industrial revolution, Serialization and Aggregation technologies are an important part of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Serialization and Aggregation technology can be integrated with Hitachi Thermal Inkjet Printer, code reader cameras, rejector systems, conveyors and others.


Sensors Integration: Weight, Optical, Image 

Integration of sensors dan rejector system in production line.

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Other Custom Software

We can develop Custom Software to meet your various production needs.

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