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HITACHI Ink Jet Printer

Hitachi Industrial IJ printers are high-speed printers adopting a non-contact printing method, ideal for a wide range of applications. They are capable of applying best before dates, logos, barcodes, lot numbers and data matrix codes, which makes the new UX-Series the perfect solution for both complex and standard applications.

Hitachi IJP


Hitachi’s UX Series continuous inkjet printers represent the pinnacle of innovation in marking and coding technology, all while showcasing Hitachi’s reputation for Reliability, Efficiency, and Ease of Use.
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Ink for Various Printing

Hitachi Ink Jet Printer can provide you various type and color inks to meet all your requirements.

General Purpose Ink
Excellent performance on most substrates:
- Cans: Steel, Aluminum, Non-Ferrous Metals
- Container: Paper, Plastic PET/PP
- Film: Nylon, PET
- PVC Pipes 

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Special Purpose Ink
- UV Readable
- Alcohol Resistant
- Heat Resistant (up to 1300°C)
- Steam Resistant
- Fast Drying

- Egg Shell Ink
- White / Black / Yellow Pigment Ink
- Color Ink : Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
- Alkali Soluble (for recycled containers)

- Inks for Glass, Ceramics, Circuit Boards, Rubber hoses

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Special Features

Efficient Ink Recovery

Reduced Makeup Consumption and Running Cost with Pulse Recovery Technology, resulting in about 30% reduction compared to former models.

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Traditional Fluid Recovery Systems.png

Hitachi’s Pulse Recovery System Air
Ink is recovered using a pulsating system which reduces the evaporation rate and makeup consumption, thus increasing your bottom line.

Traditional Fluid Recovery Systems

Ink passes through a channel of air increasing the evaporation rate and, consequently, fluid makeup consumption.

New Versatile, Durable Print Head

UX’s new Tapered print head technology allows for even closer printing, thus improving print quality as a result.

Hitachi IJP Printhead 1.png
Hitachi IJP Printhead 3.png
Hitachi IJP Printhead 2.png

Informative Icons

Icons on screen provide simple, visual feedback to an operator. Ink and Makeup level gauges show the current fluid level and indicate when it’s time to replace each cartridge. This allows for more efficient ink usage, reduces waste, and further contributes to cost reduction.

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