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SQUID INK SQ2 Scorpion

SQ2 Scorpion.jpg

  • Large character ink jet printer with 16 dots printhead.

  • SQ/2 Scorpion users have the option of choosing from several print head configurations. 5 different print head sizes are available, offering 12 print sizes ranging in height from 9.5 to 44mm.

  • Ability to run two SQ/2 Series print heads or one 1600 Series print head. The 1600 Series print heads offer split-line capability and the option of printing full-size characters or half-size characters with the same print head.

  • 2 Models available:

    • Water-based model for printing on porous surfaces (paper, cardboards, wood

    • olvent-based for printing on non-porous surfaces (glass, plastic, metal)

Printing Speed                         : 61 m/min

Message Length                      : 128 characters per message

Character Height                      : 0.6, 1, 1.3, 1.9, 2.5, 4.5 cm

Printing Size                             : 5x5, 16x10 character matrix

Printing                                     : 61 characters ASCII

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