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HITACHI Laser Marking

Hitachi new laser marker LM-C301 Series meets a wide variety of industrial coding requirements. Hitachi has provided for a high-level marking system solutions in a wide range of production lines. And now, the LM-C301 Series CO2-based laser marker is developed with Hitachi’s experiences and know-hows.

  • Easy Operation

  • Stable Opperation with the new cooling system

  • Equipped with IP54 security


Easy Operation

Guide Laser Feature

By scanning the red guide laser, the print contents and the print positions can be checked on the object.

Pointer Laser Feature

The red laser pointer makes it easy to check the center of the print.

Hitachi Laser Marking CO2
Hitachi Laser Marking CO2 LM-C301

Touch Screen

Our new, icon-based 10” full-color Touch Screen provides easy and intuitive operation. The WYSIWYG* design provides stress-free operation by displaying the print data and settings immediately. The Touch Screen is easy to use both in-handheld and on-the- equipment configurations.

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