PZ Pilot

The PZ Pilot hi-resolution ink jet printer offers the versatility and reliability manufactures and contract packagers need. Print lot codes, bar codes, logos, and more on a variety of surfaces. PZ Pilot users can print up to four lines of text on porous or non-porous surfaces. PZ Pilot boasts 180 dpi print resolution with programming and retrieval of up to 128 internal messages. The user-friendly software is designed for people who run packaging lines.


  • Hi-resolution print at an entry level price
  • 30% larger print than competitive systems
  • 200ml no-mess ink cartridges
  • Ability to upgrade to a 2nd printhead
  • Message programming via full color touchscreen user panel
  • Ability to print on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • 180 dpi hi-resolution print
  • Message programming via USB or ethernet
  • TUV and CE certified

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Technical Specifications
Printer Type Piezo impulse printhead technology
Maximum print height .7" (1.8cm)
Vertical print resolution 185 dpi capable of printing razor- sharp graphics, small characters and scannable bar codes
Horizontal print resolution 200 dpi
Print speed Up to 200 feet/minute (61m/minute) line speed at 200 dpi resolution with high-speed printheads
Time & date Internal real time clock with battery back-up
Product sensor Reflective type standard; proximity, thru-beam or other type optional
Communication interface ID3 Handheld Terminal – standard user interface for local system programming, message storage and message retrieval; PC – optional interface utilizing ImageMaster® software for loading graphics, bar codes and additional fonts
Communication interface System includes three female DB-9 connectors for photocell, encoder, input device or other RS-232 device, one male DB-9 connector for laser scanner, auto data or alarm out feature, and one ethernet port for Horizontal print resolution Print speed Time & date Product sensor User interface PC or network connection
Ink system 500ml cartridge, mechanical purge bulb, simple ink system design features no moving parts
Low ink indicator LED indicates low ink supply; warning light beacon optional
Substrate capabilities Porous or non-porous surfaces
Electrical requirements 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating environment 34°F - 104°F (1°C - 40°C)
Storage environment 0°F - 140°F (-18°C - 60°C)
Cabinet construction Anodized aluminum, splash proof design features gasket seals and protected data connections
Component modularity Eliminates the need for costly service calls and minimizes downtime; printheads and components can be replaced in less than 5 minutes
Printhead dimensions 3.0" (7.6cm) L x 1.0" (2.5cm) W x 2.0" (5.0cm) H
Controller dimensions 10.6" (26.9cm) L x 6.25" (15.9cm) W x 2.5" (6.4cm) H
PZ Pilot Software Specification
Software features Counter, lot counter, 24-hour clock, 8- or 12-hour programmable shift code, Julian date, 3-letter month name, 3-letter weekday name, expiration date, expiration month, expiration day, expiration year, expiration Julian date, print delay, character width, photocell on/off/repeat, invert print, reverse print, bold print
Message capability Up to 4 lines of text per message
Number of messages Up to 128 messages
Message length Up to 128 characters per message standard, up to 120 inches using ImageMaster software
Fonts Three resident fonts standard (Arial, Courier and Lucida); additional fonts can be loaded via FontMaster software
Text sizes 7 resident font sizes ranging from .06" (1.6mm) to .7" (18mm) tall
Bar codes UPC-A resident, additional bar codes can be downloaded with ImageMaster software
Printing features Reverse, invert, inverse, rotate, repeat, variable print density
Logos Logos can be downloaded with ImageMaster software